Kristi Noem Implies that Biden’s Dog Should Also Have Been Euthanized



Governor Kristi Noem of South Dakota has suggested that President Biden’s dog, Commander, who was involved in 24 biting incidents with Secret Service agents, should have been put down. This statement came during the publicity ramp-up for her memoir, in which she writes about killing her own dog, which she deemed dangerous and untrainable. Her comments have sparked controversy, as she defended her actions as necessary to protect people, but also made implications about sending Biden’s dog to ‘meet his maker’.

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem Criticizes Biden’s German Shepherd, Commander

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem caused controversy recently as she criticized President Biden’s dog, Commander, on CBS’s “Face the Nation.” Noem, a Republican, suggested that the German shepherd, known for his aggressive behavior, should have been euthanized.

Commander had reportedly bitten 24 Secret Service agents, leading to his banishment from the White House. Noem questioned how many more people needed to be attacked before decisive action was taken. The Secret Service recorded two dozen biting incidents involving Commander between October 2022 and July 2023, half of which needed medical attention. The dog was later relocated to an undisclosed location.

Noem’s Controversial Comments Amidst Memoir Release

These comments came as Noem promoted her forthcoming memoir, “No Going Back.” In the book, Noem recounts an incident where she shot her untrainable and dangerous hunting dog, Cricket. She drew parallels between Cricket’s aggressive behavior and Commander’s, indicating a dangerous and unpredictable nature in both dogs.

Despite these controversial statements, the White House has yet to comment on Noem’s criticisms. In her CBS interview, Noem defended her decision to kill Cricket – and a goat on the same day – claiming it was a choice to “protect people” made over two decades ago.

In her book, Noem also imagines hypothetically becoming president in 2025 and having the same fate for Commander, stating: “Commander, say hello to Cricket for me.”

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