Trump NY Hush Money Trial: Day 7



During former President Donald Trump’s hush money trial, the Manhattan District Attorney’s office admitted several exhibits as evidence, including a photo of Trump with former National Enquirer publisher David Pecker at the White House. Another exhibit was a licensing agreement between American Media Inc. and Playboy playmate Karen McDougal, where Pecker testified that he negotiated a deal giving McDougal $150,000 for her story about an alleged affair with Trump. Other evidence included an invoice for the payment to McDougal’s lawyer, Keith Davidson, and various other documents and text messages.

Donald Trump’s Hush Money Trial Exhibits Revealed

The Manhattan District Attorney’s office revealed trial exhibits in the hush money case involving former President Donald Trump on Thursday. These exhibits were admitted as evidence during the trial proceedings.

A prominent exhibit includes a photo of Trump with David Pecker, ex-publisher of the National Enquirer, in the White House.

Further documents include the licensing agreement between American Media Inc. and Playboy model Karen McDougal. Pecker negotiated a deal, paying McDougal $150,000 for her story regarding an alleged affair with Trump.

This agreement, signed on August 5, 2016, secured McDougal a monthly column in Star and OK Magazines, focusing on aging and fitness.

Other exhibits include the invoice of the payment to McDougal’s attorney, Keith Davidson, alongside various documents and text messages.

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