Biden Team Tells Democrats Seeking an Alternative: Move On



According to a New York Times and Siena College survey, only 28% of Democrats expressed enthusiasm about President Biden’s candidacy and 38% said Mr. Biden should not be their nominee. Despite this, no significant challenge to Biden’s candidacy has emerged, with his team considering the question of him stepping aside as absurd given his record of accomplishment. The president’s advisors argue that the Democrats have outperformed expectations in numerous elections, and while there’s concern about Biden’s age and policy stances, there’s no clear alternative candidate.

Democratic Discontent with Biden’s Candidacy

Many Democrats are discontented with President Biden running in the upcoming elections, with just 28% conveying enthusiasm for his candidacy, according to a recent survey by The New York Times and Siena College. Despite the lack of enthusiasm and 38% claiming he should not be their nominee, none of the key party figures are willing to challenge Biden openly.

Biden’s Stance and Support

Unfazed by criticisms, Biden and his inner circle dismiss the idea of stepping aside. With no serious challenge to his candidacy and dominance in the early Democratic primaries, they consider these doubts unwarranted. They argue it is too late in the election cycle to withdraw without causing significant disruption.

Assertions from Biden’s Team

Biden’s team disregards polls and defends the decision of Biden running for re-election. They insist that Biden’s track record, underestimation by doubters, and Democrats’ successful performance in the 2018, 2020, 2022, and 2023 elections substantiate their confidence.

Democrats’ Worry Over Poll Results

However, many Democrats express concerns as polls depict Biden trailing in key swing states. The anxiety within the party grows with some privately suggesting the likelihood of losing Georgia and Arizona, thereby necessitating a sweep of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.

Discontent Not Reflective of Biden’s Presidency

The discontent does not necessarily reflect on Biden’s performance as president. Many Democrats appreciate his efforts on various fronts. However, concerns about his age, stance on the Israel-Hamas conflict, immigration issues, and lingering inflation effects have undercut his support.

Age Factor and Biden’s Health

Despite Biden and Trump being close in age, public concern seems more pronounced for Biden’s advancing years. Yet, after his recent annual physical, Biden’s doctor declared him “fit for duty.”

The Alternate Scenarios and Biden’s Decision

Despite whispers about alternate scenarios, Biden’s decision to run remains firm. The only potential deterrents would be his decision not to run or a formidable challenge from another candidate. However, as there is no such challenge in sight, Democrats are increasingly rallying behind Biden.

Trump’s Legal and Political Challenges

Despite the challenges, Biden’s advisers remain confident that voters will choose Biden over Trump, a twice-impeached, defeated former president facing multiple legal challenges, including 91 felony counts and a declaration of wanting to be a “dictator” for a day.

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