Biden regrets ‘illegal’ term, defends Supreme Court critique in SOTU



President Joe Biden defended his criticism of the Supreme Court’s 2022 decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health during an interview, and expressed regret for referring to an undocumented immigrant as “illegal.” He also reiterated his stance on women’s electoral power and his disappointment with the Supreme Court’s view on it. Biden addressed immigration and border control, stating the need for more orderly control, and also discussed his red line with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu concerning Israel’s actions in the Israel-Hamas war.

President Biden Defends Supreme Court Criticism, Expresses Regret Over “Illegal” Immigrant Term

During a comprehensive interview on MSNBC, President Joe Biden defended his criticism of the Supreme Court’s 2022 Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health decision, stating he believes they interpreted the Constitution incorrectly. He also expressed regret for referring to an undocumented immigrant as an “illegal.”

Biden reiterated statements made during his State of the Union address, telling Supreme Court justices they’re about to understand the true impact of women’s electoral power. “Women are speaking now. They spoke out in 2022. They spoke out in 2020. This is what’s going to happen. Women speak up. This is going to change,” Biden affirmed.

Biden’s campaign further condemned Trump and the Supreme Court justices he appointed in a statement first shared with NBC News. The statement addressed a fetal personhood bill passed in the Iowa state House, potentially impacting patients seeking in vitro fertilization treatments.

During the interview, the president also expressed regret for using the term “illegal” to describe the undocumented immigrant charged with killing a 22-year-old nursing student in Georgia. When asked by the interviewer if he regretted the terminology, Biden replied, “Yes.”

This statement marks a change from a previous comment at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland, where he hesitated when questioned about his use of the term describing immigrants last night.

Biden explained his speech aimed to underscore the distinctions between his and former President Trump’s views on the border, promising not to disrespect anyone. He highlighted the significant role immigrants play in building the country and boosting its economy while insisting on the necessity of border control.

On the topic of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel’s actions in the Israel-Hamas war, Biden indicated potential steps Netanyahu could take that may cross a line. However, he emphasized that the defense of Israel remains critical. Biden firmly noted that Israel “cannot have 30,000 more Palestinians dead as a consequence of going after [Hamas],” referring to reports of casualties from ongoing conflict.

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