Ashley Turcotte, missing woman, discovered deceased in Barnstead, NH



Ashley Turcotte, a woman who went missing in January, has been found dead in the woods near where her abandoned car was found, according to police. Authorities do not suspect foul play or any criminal activity in her disappearance or death. Now that the search is over, the investigation has been turned over to the medical examiner’s office.

A Woman Found Dead After Wide-Scale Search

Ashley Turcotte, 31, who disappeared in January, was found dead in the woods off New Road following a large-scale search, according to the police. Her car was discovered nearby, abandoned with some of her personal items inside. Barnstead police Chief Paul Poirier expressed disappointment over the unfortunate outcome but stated that it at least provides some closure for the family. Authorities clarified that her death doesn’t appear suspicious with no sign of foul play.

“There’s no reason to believe there’s any criminal element involved. The public should rest assured there’s no cause for concern,” added Poirier.

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Challenging weather conditions, including a snowstorm after her disappearance, initially hindered the search effort. However, recent warmer weather cleared the snow, enabling the search teams to comb through the woods. A reverse 911 call and text alert were sent to Barnstead residents on Friday to inform them about the increased police presence over the weekend.

“Line searches require a lot of manpower and are slow and systematic. The searchers are assigned specific grids to inspect,” explained Lt. Adam Cheney, New Hampshire Fish and Game. With the search concluded and no sign of criminal activity, the investigation now falls under the purview of the medical examiner’s office.

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