Sen. Warner rallies Senate Democrats to urge Biden to quit race



Senator Mark R. Warner is reportedly gathering Democratic senators to convince President Biden to withdraw from the presidential race, amid concerns about Biden’s ability to beat former president Donald Trump. This comes after Biden’s perceived weak debate performance. However, Biden has stated his intention to stay in the race, while Warner’s spokesperson neither confirmed nor denied these rumors.

Democratic Senators Consider Biden’s Presidential Run After Faltering Debate Performance

Sen. Mark R. Warner (D-Va.) is reportedly initiating discussions among a group of Democratic senators to ask President Biden to exit the presidential race, according to sources familiar with the matter. Warner has expressed concerns to fellow senators that Biden’s lackluster debate performance may compromise the Democrats’ chance to defeat former president Donald Trump.

Warner’s spokeswoman issued a statement highlighting these are critical times for Biden’s campaign, but did not confirm or deny Warner’s stance on Biden’s candidacy. Meanwhile, Biden has insisted that he will “beat Donald Trump,” undeterred by the debate.

Despite Warner’s concerns, Biden stated that he had spoken with 20 members of Congress who encouraged him to remain in the race. Moreover, he claimed that Warner was the only one suggesting he step aside.

Several strategies are being considered by concerned senators to diplomatically express their worries to the president. One such proposal is a meeting between senators and Biden at the White House, where they can voice their concerns directly.

As chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Warner, who represents a crucial state for Democrats, is privately urging for a change in the party’s presidential candidate. There’s a growing consensus among Senate Democrats that Biden’s position as the front-runner is unsustainable.

The situation calls to mind August 1974, when three Republican congressional leaders informed President Richard M. Nixon that he no longer had sufficient support to survive impeachment over the Watergate scandal. Today, many senators are watching Biden with worry, specifically due to questions raised about his mental acuity and health.

Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) has advised senators to wait for more polling data regarding Biden and the Democrats’ standing before making any decisions. Meanwhile, Warner is reportedly ready to push for a change in presidential candidacy.

Warner, a former governor of Virginia and businessman, has occasionally criticized the Biden administration over certain decisions. Notably, in 2023, Warner was among eight Democrats who asked Biden to devote more resources to securing the southern border.

Known as a moderate dealmaker in the Senate, Warner played a pivotal role in negotiating the 2021 infrastructure bill.

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