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Western Washington is experiencing record-breaking heatwaves, with temperatures in Seattle predicted to reach 96°, setting a new daily record high. The heat advisory has been extended through Wednesday for all of Western Washington, with temperatures near 100° near the Cascades and south of I-90, and even reaching 105-110° in parts of Central Washington. A slight drop in temperature is expected by Thursday and Friday, with conditions settling back to the upper 70s through low 80s, before a modest warmup to the mid-80s in Seattle the following weekend.

Record High Temperatures Expected in Western Washington

Western Washington is preparing for peak heat on Tuesday, with forecast high temperature in Seattle reaching a new daily record of 96°.

Temperatures near the Cascades south of I-90, and in southern regions such as Olympia, Lewis County, and Shelton, are predicted to approach 100°.

In parts of Central Washington, the temperature is expected to soar to 105-110°.

An extended Heat Advisory has been issued throughout Wednesday for all of Western Washington, accompanied by Excessive Heat Warnings in regions east of the Cascades.

The Pacific onshore cooling flow will offer some relief on Tuesday at the beaches.

This will moderate the heat in the interior of Western Washington come Wednesday, albeit, Seattle’s predicted high of 88° is still roughly ten degrees above the usual temperature.

Temperature is expected to normalize back to upper 70s through low 80s by Thursday and Friday before moderately rising to mid-80s in Seattle over the next weekend.

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