“Doggett First Congressional Democrat Urging Biden’s Withdrawal”



Democratic Rep. Lloyd Doggett of Texas has become the first sitting Democratic member of Congress to publicly call on President Joe Biden to withdraw from the presidential race. Doggett’s comments come amidst concerns from within the Democratic Party following Biden’s perceived poor performance in a debate against former President Donald Trump. Despite the growing concerns, the Biden campaign and the White House insist that the President will continue to run and that his debate performance does not overshadow his achievements.

Democratic Rep. Lloyd Doggett Calls for Biden to Withdraw from Presidential Race

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Washington — On Tuesday, Texas Democratic Rep. Lloyd Doggett became the first sitting Democratic Congress member to urge President Joe Biden to step down from the presidential race. This political development marks a crucial moment for Democrats as Doggett vocalizes what numerous elected officials had been privately speculating.

“Recollecting how Lyndon Johnson, once a representative of my congressional district, painfully stepped down under different circumstances, I believe President Biden should follow suit,” Doggett stated.

His comments intensify the pressure on the president and his team, already grappling with party concerns following Biden’s underwhelming debate against ex-President Donald Trump. His remarks may encourage others to speak up.

Doggett, in his call for Biden to withdraw, believes this move could pave the way for a new leadership generation to help the party achieve its primary objective: defeating Trump.

Earlier on Tuesday, Democratic Rep. Mike Quigley of Illinois indicated his willingness to replace Biden as the party’s nominee.

“I consider his four years as one of the great presidencies of our time but honesty is key,” Quigley told CNN “This Morning.” “This is a decision he must make.”

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a staunch Biden supporter, cited on MSNBC the importance of multiple interviews for evaluating the president. Pelosi acknowledged having received mixed responses to the debate from her Democratic network and donors and asked whether Biden’s recent performance was a one-off incident or indicative of a condition.

Democratic Rep. Jim Clyburn of South Carolina, a significant Biden ally, expressed his continued support for Biden but added that he would back VP Kamala Harris if Biden steps down as the Democratic presidential nominee.

Behind the scenes, more Democrats are voicing their concerns, despite the Biden campaign and White House insisting the president is in the race to stay.

A Democratic lawmaker from the House revealed to CNN that there’s a growing group of House Democrats anxious about the president’s candidacy. “We are deeply concerned about his trajectory and his ability to win. We want to give him space to make a decision [to step aside] but our concerns will become increasingly vocal if he doesn’t,” the lawmaker stated.

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