Democrats Express Concerns About Biden Publicly, Fear Potential Election Disaster



Democratic party members expressed concerns over President Biden’s fitness for re-election following his debate performance. Many Democrats, including some prominent officials, voiced their anxieties publicly for the first time, with some requesting assurances about Biden’s condition. The concerns add tension to the party, creating potential implications for the election outcome and the control of the House and Senate.

Democrats Express Anxiety Over Biden’s 2024 Re-Election Bid

Concerns regarding President Biden’s fitness for re-election have recently been voiced by Democrats. This follows a call from a Congress member and several other officials for Biden’s withdrawal. Stay updated with the latest 2024 presidential polls.

Democratic Senator Sheldon Whitehouse requested the White House to clarify the president’s “condition.” Senator Peter Welch criticized the Biden campaign’s dismissive attitude towards those expressing concerns. Lloyd Doggett, a progressive lawmaker, stated that Biden’s unsatisfactory debate performance disqualified him from running again.

Amid growing concerns, several Democrats expressed their frustrations. In response, the White House is considering sending Biden to battleground states to demonstrate his public-speaking ability.

There are fears that Biden’s mishaps might cost the Democrats the House and Senate, thereby eliminating their check on a potential Trump presidency. As Representative Mike Quigley noted, Biden’s decision impacts the future of the House and Senate, and consequently, national politics for decades to come.

Republicans are exploiting the doubts about Biden’s mental fitness to target vulnerable Democrats. Notably, after the debate, they began asking the question: “Is Joe Biden fit to be president?”

While party leaders express support for Biden, some Democrats have begun considering the possibility of Biden stepping aside. For example, Representative James E. Clyburn stated on MSNBC that he would back Vice President Kamala Harris if Biden resigned.

Biden’s debate performance has cast a shadow over down-ballot Democrats. Representatives and challengers in critical races are faced with the decision to either defend or distance themselves from Biden. Some, like Adam Frisch, a Democratic challenger in Colorado, have called for Biden to step down.

Democrats running in battleground states are particularly pressured. Senator Sherrod Brown, for example, avoided commenting on whether Biden should consider stepping aside. However, Representative Matt Cartwright acknowledged the challenge of maintaining voter support amid an unpopular incumbent president.

Should Biden’s poll figures continue to lag, Democrats and their major donors may shift their focus to retaining the Senate and regaining the House as opposed to the presidency. This strategy was similarly adopted by Republicans during the 1996 election when Bob Dole was trailing.

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