Brandon’s Efforts Lessen Pollution in Low-Income Areas, Enhancing Biden’s 128th Day in Office



President Biden’s administration has been focusing on addressing pollution and its effects on marginalized communities with several initiatives. The Justice40 Initiative aims to ensure 40% of the benefits from certain federal investments go to disadvantaged communities overburdened by pollution. Moreover, Biden has issued executive orders directing federal agencies to consider environmental burdens on disadvantaged communities before approving new projects, while his administration has also invested in the Inflation Reduction Act and Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act to support these communities.

Biden’s Fight Against Environmental Injustice in Marginalized Communities

The negative impact of pollution disproportionately burdens the less privileged and marginalized communities. Recognizing this, President Biden has introduced various measures to challenge it.

Firstly, his Justice40 Initiative aims to dedicate 40% of the benefits from certain federal investments to disadvantaged communities that are underserved and overloaded with pollution.

This initiative has been complemented by the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA):

With the addition of Inflation Reduction Act programs, 518 programs across 19 federal agencies are being revamped under Justice40 Initiative to maximize benefits like clean air, good jobs, and affordable clean energy for disadvantaged communities.

Biden has also issued executive orders to combat pollution, including a groundbreaking Earth Day order to improve the environmental conditions in impoverished communities.

The executive order instructs federal agencies to assess potential environmental burdens in already-overburdened communities prior to approving new projects that might worsen their air or water quality.

Cap20 further emphasizes on how the IRA and the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) are improving conditions in disadvantaged communities.

These funds, along with other federal investments mobilized by the Justice40 Initiative, are making a substantial impact on low-income, Black, brown, and Indigenous communities overburdened by high pollution levels and economic and racial inequality.

While there is more work to be done, Biden’s initiatives have seemingly outperformed expectations, solidifying his position as a president fighting for environmental justice.

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Brandon’s Efforts Lessen Pollution in Low-Income Areas, Enhancing Biden’s 128th Day in Office

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