Оновлення даних військовозобов’язаних – ПРОСКУРІВ+


The new law on mobilization in Ukraine, effective from May 18, 2024, requires conscripts, military personnel, and reservists to update their registration data by July 16, 2024. This can be accomplished through a visit to the Territorial Recruitment and Social Support Center (TCC and SP), the Administrative Services Center (TSNAP), or through the Reserv+ mobile application. Those who ignore the law will face penalties, starting with fines for non-attendance at TCC and failure to update data. The Ukrainian army needs people with combat experience, as well as specialists in various fields such as IT, electrics, and mechanics. The categories subject to mobilization include men aged 18-60 with military experience, men aged 25-60 without military experience, and men aged 18-60 who have been removed from military registration but are found fit for service. Women on military registration can only be drafted or involved in defensive work voluntarily.

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