Suggested ‘Battle Plan’ for Future Republican Presidency Involves Scrapping a Biden-Era Clean Energy Act that Majorly Benefited Red States



Conservative organizations, led by the Heritage Foundation, have released a proposed “battle plan” for the next Republican president, called Project 2025, which includes ending the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022. The Act, which has primarily benefited red states like Oklahoma and Texas by funneling hundreds of billions of dollars into clean energy projects, faced significant opposition from congressional Republicans at the time of its inception. However, some conservatives caution that cutting the Inflation Reduction Act may go against the wishes of constituents who strongly support its provisions.

Conservative Organizations Propose Ending Inflation Reduction Act Under Next Republican President

Conservative organizations have unveiled a proposal called Project 2025, a roadmap for the next Republican president to eliminate the Inflation Reduction Act. The 2022 Act, which benefits red states by funding clean energy projects, faces opposition from these groups.

The Inflation Reduction Act, a significant step towards addressing climate crisis, allots $370 billion for clean energy investment. Communities in Oklahoma and Texas, leading in wind power and clean energy employment respectively, are among those benefiting. Despite this, the act had considerable Republican opposition.

Project 2025, driven by the Heritage Foundation and other conservative entities, aims to cut the Inflation Reduction Act. Heritage Foundation’s Paul Dans labeled Project 2025 a “battle plan” for the future Republican president, reports The New York Times.

Notwithstanding, some conservatives argue that terminating the Act may contradict constituents’ desires. “A lot of Republicans in red states show strong support for provisions of the I.R.A.,” stated Sarah Hunt, president of the Joseph Rainey Center for Public Policy.

When questioned about concerns over ending the Act, Heritage Foundation spokesperson Ellen Wittman directed queries to Chapter 13 of the Project 2025 document. It outlines an enhanced role for the Environmental Protection Agency in supporting state efforts, including the provision of federal resources and expertise.

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