Pro-Trump Super PAC Receives $50 Million Donation from Timothy Mellon



Timothy Mellon, an heir to a Gilded Age fortune, donated $50 million to a super PAC supporting Donald J. Trump, following Trump’s conviction of 34 felonies. Mellon’s contribution accounted for much of the pro-Trump super PAC’s, Make America Great Again Inc., May fundraising, and he is the first donor to give $100 million in disclosed federal contributions in this year’s election. Mellon has previously given $25 million each to super PACs supporting Trump and Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who is running as an independent.

Timothy Mellon Donates $50 Million to Trump Super PAC

Timothy Mellon, a Gilded Age fortune heir, gifted $50 million to a super PAC supporting Donald J. Trump, making one of the largest single disclosed contributions ever. This followed the former president’s conviction of 34 felonies, as revealed by federal filings.

Impact on 2024 Race

The impact of the Mellon donation on the 2024 race is expected to be significant. Within days of receiving the contribution, the pro-Trump super PAC, Make America Great Again Inc., announced plans to reserve $100 million in advertising through Labor Day.

Mellon’s Contribution and Future Donations

Mellon’s donation accounted for much of the $70 million that the super PAC raised in May. His previous contributions include $25 million each to super PACs supporting both Trump and independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. However, it remains unclear what Mellon’s mega-donation means for his future support of Kennedy.

Democrats’ Reaction to Mellon’s Donation

Democrats have sought to portray Kennedy as a spoiler supported by Republicans, emphasizing Mellon’s dual contributions. Despite this, Mellon’s $50 million gift will significantly narrow the financial advantage enjoyed by President Biden and his allies.

Mellon’s Role in the Republican Party

Despite being relatively unknown in the Republican fundraising scene, Mellon, grandson of former Treasury Secretary Andrew Mellon, made significant contributions to major Republican groups. He has largely avoided public scrutiny, despite his growing influence within conservative circles.

Mellon’s Upcoming Book

Next month, Mellon is set to publish a book about his work revamping Pan Am Systems, a collection of companies that includes rail, aviation, and marketing firms. Despite controversy surrounding some of his previous writings, Mellon appears to be growing more comfortable with the scrutiny of his influence.

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