PM Update: Heat Records Shattered; Rising Thunderstorm Odds Tonight



The article discusses the current weather conditions and forecast in Washington DC. A heat advisory is in effect until 7 p.m., with storm chances gradually rising and likely to be more widespread during the evening and overnight, possibly producing wind gusts over 57 mph. Record high and low temperatures have been observed, with the minimum temperature tying the second-hottest June night on record at 81 degrees, and the high temperatures at Baltimore-Washington International Marshall Airport, Reagan National Airport, and Washington Dulles International Airport either setting or tying record high temperatures for the current date.

Heat Advisory in Washington DC Until 7 P.M

Heat advisory in effect until 7 p.m. Storm activity expected to increase this evening and overnight. Damaging wind gusts over 57 mph possible. Tomorrow’s forecast predicts near-average high temperatures.

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Weather Outlook for Tonight and Tomorrow

Rising chance of showers and storms tonight. Severe storms with damaging wind gusts could develop around the District. Mostly cloudy, muggy night with low temperatures around 75. Tomorrow’s outlook: sunny skies after morning rain, temperatures in the mid-80s to 90 degrees, and possible afternoon thunderstorm.

Check the current weather. Evening raindrops on Monday will clear up quickly. Temperatures bottom out around 65.

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Potential Record Temperatures Today

D.C.’s minimum temperature today was 81 degrees, tying for the second-hottest June night on record. High temperatures today are also breaking records. Reagan National Airport reached at least 98 degrees, tying today’s record high.

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