Major disruptions, closures due to Atlanta water main break



Water service was restored to several key buildings in Atlanta following a significant disruption caused by burst pipes in downtown and midtown areas. The breakage resulted in closures of businesses, attractions, and disruption of water service in residences, even forcing a concert to be rescheduled. Though repairs have largely been completed, a boil water advisory remains in effect until the Georgia Environmental Protection Division confirms it can be lifted.

Atlanta’s Water Service Restoration After Corroded Pipe Bursts

Atlanta had to restore water service to several major buildings, including Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Fulton County Jail, and Atlanta City Detention Center after corroded pipes had burst. The burst pipes led to business closures and affected homes in downtown and midtown Atlanta.

Atlanta Officials on Water Restoration

Mayor Andre Dickens declared a state of emergency over the water service disruption. Crews made significant progress in repairing the first water main break but struggled with the second in Midtown. The Department of Watershed Management confirmed that water service was gradually being restored, and system pressures rebuilt.

However, a boil water advisory is still in effect for much of Atlanta until clearance from the Georgia Environmental Protection Division.

Impact on Attractions and Businesses

The water main break caused several attractions and businesses, including the Georgia Aquarium and National Center for Civil and Human Rights, to remain closed. The aquarium is expected to reopen soon, according to CBS affiliate WANF-TV. Meanwhile, rapper Megan Thee Stallion had to reschedule her concert due to the water issue.

Atlanta Officials Criticized and Apologize

Officials received criticism for slow updates on the situation. The mayor’s office provided an update late Friday evening and has since promised regular updates. Mayor Dickens apologized for the lack of communication and asked residents to limit their water usage to allow system pressure rebuilding.

Atlanta Department of Watershed Management Commissioner Al Wiggins Jr. stated that the restoration process was delicate but hoped for full restoration soon. He also urged people to check on the elderly or sick in their neighborhoods.

The entire City Government is working to resolve the water issue, according to the water department.

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