Joe Biden: A Traditional Politician in a Modern Political Era



President Biden’s presidency is characterized by his instinctive approach to politics, which stems from his half-century experience in Washington D.C. Amid profound national divisions, Biden keeps his focus on compromise and working across the aisle, echoing his approach during his early years. However, despite his significant legislative successes, Biden has struggled to engage the public, with many Americans feeling disconnected from his presidency and unimpressed by his achievements.


Biden’s Presidency Amid a Highly Polarized Political Landscape

President Biden found himself frustrated over Senator Chuck Schumer’s remarks against Republicans, following their temporary resolution of a debt ceiling clash. This incident illustrates Biden’s traditional approach to politics, which emphasizes cross-party cooperation and negotiation.

Despite his old-school approach, Biden’s presidency has resulted in notable liberal policies, marking him as a legislative powerhouse. However, his mission to heal a divided country has yet to be fully realized.

Biden, the most experienced president in public office, has had a successful presidency but has struggled to connect with an electorate increasingly influenced by social media disinformation and political division.

While Biden has achieved significant milestones, such as the largest investment in climate change and impressive job creation, his approval ratings reflect a disengaged public.

The Impact of Biden’s Age on His Presidency

Biden’s age has unavoidably influenced public perceptions of his presidency. Despite this, his decision-making and political acumen remain sharp. His experience has been critical in navigating complex issues such as the Afghanistan crisis.

However, concerns about his health and cognitive abilities persist, with critics pointing to instances of confusion or misstatements as evidence of cognitive decline. Yet, in contrast to former President Donald J. Trump, Biden is largely consistent in his statements and demonstrates a strong understanding of policy issues.

The impact of personal tragedy, particularly the death of his son Beau in 2015, on Biden’s presidency is also significant. His experiences with grief and loss have arguably added a somber tone to his term in office.

Biden’s Decision to Run for a Second Term

Despite the challenges of his presidency, Biden has confirmed his intention to run for a second term. This decision was largely influenced by Trump’s intent to run again, with Biden viewing Trump as a threat to American democracy.

The burden of a potential Trump presidency weighs heavily on Biden. However, he is determined to campaign on his own terms, refusing to engage in the divisive and aggressive political tactics that have come to characterize modern American politics.


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