“Interstate 40 in Albuquerque Reopens Both Ways”



Interstate 40 in Albuquerque, New Mexico was temporarily closed in both directions due to an unnamed incident and police activity, causing lengthy disruptions to east and westbound traffic. Closures occurred at mile markers 162 at San Mateo Boulevard NE, 161 at Carlisle Boulevard NE, and another westbound closure at mile marker 156 at the Rio Grande. Albuquerque police took a person into custody near the interstate and Rio Grande following the deployment of crisis intervention officers to deescalate a situation at the San Mateo overpass.

Update: Reopened Traffic Lanes on Albuquerque’s Interstate 40

Traffic lanes on both directions of the Interstate 40 in Albuquerque have reopened, confirms NM Roads’ website. This comes after an hours-long interstate closure on Friday afternoon, June 14, which affected both east and westbound traffic.

Follow the Interactive traffic map from Traffic Watch 7 for real-time traffic updates. The westbound traffic was closed at mile marker 162 at San Mateo Boulevard NE, while the eastbound traffic was closed at Carlisle Boulevard NE, mile marker 161.

An additional westbound closure was listed at mile marker 156 at the Rio Grande due to a 4:21 p.m. police activity, but the lanes have since reopened, as per NM Roads’ website.

The Albuquerque police confirmed a person was taken into custody near the interstate and Rio Grande. Initial traffic closures at San Mateo and Carlisle were due to an incident, with law enforcement visibly present during the interstate closure.

According to the Albuquerque Police Department, crisis intervention officers were deployed to deescalate a situation involving a person at the San Mateo overpass. Stay informed on the latest news updates with the KOAT app.

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