Fund Linked to Biden Distributes Money to Extreme Left Activist Organizations



The article discusses the alleged misuse of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) funds by the Biden administration for advancing left-wing causes through various non-profit organizations. The administration has reportedly provided $50 million to the Climate Justice Alliance, which instead of focusing on conducive climate goals, is promoting anti-Israel sentiment and challenging capitalism. Despite warnings, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is outsourcing the distribution of funds to politically aligned non-profit organizations, thereby distancing the administration from the final receivers of funding and hindering oversight.

Joe Biden’s Misnamed “Inflation Reduction Act” Funnels Money to Left-Wing Causes

About two years ago, President Joe Biden put the “Inflation Reduction Act” (IRA) into law which reserved hundreds of billions for “climate” spending. As anticipated by conservatives, the Biden administration has since redirected those funds to various activist groups and nonprofits, advancing left-wing agendas.

The “Climate Justice Alliance” (CJA) exemplifies Biden’s IRA money redirection mechanism. As mentioned by City Journal, the Biden Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) awarded CJA $50 million in grant money to spend at their discretion. Instead of executing climate goals, such as cleaning rivers, CJA focuses on “regenerative economic solutions and ecological justice—under a framework that challenges capitalism and both white supremacy and hetero-patriarchy,” as stated on their website.

CJA supported “a free Palestine” and funded efforts against a new police and firefighter training facility in Atlanta. Under the pretense of combating “climate change,” the Biden administration granted $50 million to this radical left-wing activist group, known for its anti-Israel and Defund the Police extremism and opposition to capitalism.

In April, Biden’s EPA announced they were distributing nearly $14 billion in IRA funds to three organizations – the Climate United Fund, the Coalition for Green Capital, and Power Forward Communities to establish “national clean financing institutions that deliver accessible, affordable financing for clean technology projects nationwide.” These entities will form quasi-banks to loan and distribute money to developers, investors, and community organizers.

This EPA move seems to violate the IRA itself, which stated that the EPA, not private nonprofits, should control the distribution of taxpayer dollars.

Biden’s EPA Accused of Violating IRA’s Stipulations

Rep. Max Miller (R-OH), chairman of the Subcommittee on the Environment for the House Committee on Space, Science, and Technology, raised this issue in a letter to Biden EPA Administrator Michael Reagan last December. Miller argues that the EPA decided to outsource grant awards to politically aligned nonprofit organizations. Notably, many of these nonprofits have executives with close ties to Democrat circles or the Biden administration itself.

Despite Miller’s warning, the EPA continued with its plan, leading to the distribution of billions in taxpayer dollars to numerous groups with little to no congressional or executive branch oversight. This lack of oversight, along with distancing the Biden administration from the receiving groups, allows the government to hide the extent of taxpayer dollars funding extreme elements of the left’s social agenda.

Professors Express Concern over Biden’s IRA Handouts

Carlos Rodrigo Íñiguez, an economist who previously advised the Spanish government, criticized the IRA funding recipients as “semi-financial groups with a strong radical leftism stance” and called the funding decisions “unfair, divisive, and economically unwise.” Another economist, Professor Joachim Buchholz, who advised German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, expressed concern that Biden’s IRA handouts deprived taxpayers of influence and oversight in funding decisions, contradicting democratic rules.

Even if Biden loses the upcoming election, the billions already distributed cannot be reversed. It appears Americans may continue to bear the cost for the left’s “green revolution” and their wider war on traditional American values and institutions.

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