Brooks and Capehart Discuss Trump’s Conviction and the Future of US Politics



David Brooks discusses the narrative of “the system being fundamentally broken” and the belief that “they’re out to get you,” which he says is a story that resonates with many people, including those who support Trump. He makes note of how these individuals reacted to a recent event, which they see as a political attack and a perversion of the justice system. However, he also suggests that the political impact of these beliefs may be minimal and mainly affect low-information, fickle voters who could potentially shift their support from Biden to Trump.

The Narrative of Broken System

David Brooks speaks on the public sentiment: they’re convinced the system is fundamentally broken and it’s out to get them. This belief was further solidified by recent events. The reaction from both Trump supporters and moderate Republicans like Susan Collins was unexpectedly fervent, interpreting them as political attacks on the justice system.

The Impact of Current Political Climate

The political implications of this situation are slightly marginal. Supporters of Trump, regardless of his character, firmly believe in the broken system narrative. This incident has only served to revivify that belief. The impact on those who are still indecisive remains unclear. They are typically low-information, fickle voters, who are currently going from supporting Biden in 2020 to leaning towards Trump.

How Will Voters React?

The odds are, these voters won’t be significantly swayed. The key argument remains that the broken system needs a fixer – even if he is considered a jerk by some. Likely, these voters will continue to rally behind Trump. This narrative of a broken system and the need for an unorthodox savior seems to be the driving force in the shifting political landscape.

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