Bannon and Other Right-Wing Figures Rejoice Over European Parliament Elections Results



Stephen Bannon, the former adviser to ex-President Donald Trump, has expressed enthusiasm for the performance of far-right candidates in European Parliament elections. He pointed out strong results for right-wing parties in France, Germany, Belgium, and Ireland on his “War Room” podcast. Though he admitted that voters were not universally supportive of right-of-center movements, he suggested that the results could be a precursor to the electoral mood in the United States.

Stephen K. Bannon Lauds Performance of Far-Right Candidates in European Elections

Stephen K. Bannon, ex-adviser to ex-President Donald J. Trump, who has been ordered to surrender by July 1 to serve a prison sentence, praised the performance of far-right candidates in recent European Parliament elections.

On his “War Room” podcast, Bannon declared, “Europe’s on fire with the right,” pointing to robust outcomes for right-wing parties in France, Germany, Belgium, and Ireland.

Figures such as Vivek Ramaswamy, former Republican presidential candidate, and Matt Schlapp, chairman of a prominent U.S. conservative advocacy group, lauded Europe’s far-right leaders for significant electoral gains, relating these results to domestic politics.

However, much-awaited far-right wave did not fully materialize, with voters mainly supporting centrists in the parliamentary elections.

Far-Right Parties and Future Elections

“We don’t know what will occur with these elections,” Schlapp posted on social media. He told Newsmax, “we know that in all these countries, center-right parties have to form alliances with these new populist parties,” referring to them as “MAGA-type” parties.

Bannon acknowledged voters’ lack of enthusiasm for right-of-center movements, referencing disappointing results in Spain, Italy, and Sweden, but emphasized the performance of far-right parties in countries like France and Germany, suggesting these results as a sign of U.S. electoral mood.

“This is setting the stage for the election like Brexit did” in 2015, Bannon remarked, hinting that President Biden would lose in November.

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