Advanced SAF Facility Introduced by New Rise Renewables to Promote Environmental-Friendly Aviation



New Rise Renewables is opening a sassy new facility to make the world of aviation a little less dirty with renewable aviation fuel (SAF). The plant is one part high-tech, one part eco-warrior – think trains, 5 million gallons of storage and all the renewable feedstocks you can shake a corn cob at. So mark your summer 2024 calendar for the start of cleaner skies, because going green in aviation just got runway ready!

Join the Green Jet Age with New Rise Renewables

Get excited, because New Rise Renewables has stepped into an eco-friendly future with their latest facility! It’s all about renewable, sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and diesel. Sustainability does have style!

It’s not just a facility, it’s a revolution

This isn’t your everyday plant. We’re talking a 16-car heated rail spur, over 5 million gallons of tankage, systems for all sorts of energy and water recovery, and more. It’s all designed to pump out 3,200 barrels per day of renewable diesel. And guess what’s used as feedstocks? Everyday items like corn, soy, and sunflower oils! These goodies meet the Federal Renewable Fuels Standard and keep the renewable SAF production rolling smoothly.

Chilling out in Nevada and Story County, this facility aligns with Federal Renewable Fuels Standards and supports fuel qualification under various state Low Carbon Fuels Standard Programs. Their plan? To start SAF production by summer 2024 and cut down on carbon emissions in the aviation world.

Why Renewable Diesel is the new Black

Renewable diesel isn’t just fuel, it’s a game changer for companies looking to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions without losing performance or reliability. It’s a sustainable alternative that’s got a way lower carbon footprint than traditional diesel! Plus, it’s a direct replacement for conventional diesel engines, making the switch super easy for companies.

All Eyes on the Facility’s Infrastructure

Situated smack dab in the Reno-Tahoe Industrial Complex (TRIC), this facility’s location and infrastructure are major assets. It’s got all the bells and whistles and shows just how committed New Rise Renewables is to sustainability and innovation in fuel production.

CEO of New Rise Renewables, Randy Soule, and partners Bill Jones and Albert Mack are totally amped to lead the way towards cleaner aviation fuels. Their motto for New Rise Renewables? Sparking sustainable practices in aviation, driving innovation, and fostering a greener future for air travel.

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