День за сонцем, життя — за графіками


The Ukraine Energy Ministry raised electricity tariffs to 4.32 UAH/kWh, almost twice the previous rate. This caused the population to study the tables of UkrEnergo and OblEnergo in order to keep track of the power blackouts and disruptions. The situation in the energy system has worsened due to massive attacks on energy facilities by Russians, with limitations now applied throughout the day. Svitlana Hrinchuk, Deputy Minister of Energy, mentioned that the Ukrainian energy sector has been under constant attack since March 22, leading to the loss of over eight gigawatts. One of the proposed solutions to recover the sector is to replace large Soviet-era power plants with dozens or hundreds of smaller power plants distributed across the territory. UkrEnergo stated that the situation will remain difficult until at least the end of July. The article also discusses how people prepare for prolonged blackouts, with some discussing the idea of building the third unit of the Khmelnytskyi Nuclear Power Plant within approximately three years.

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