Ric Grenell, Devoted Trump Supporter, Pursues Cabinet Position as Compensation



Richard Grenell, a former ambassador to Germany and acting national intelligence chief, is reportedly seeking a top foreign policy role in a potential second Trump administration. Grenell was a prominent figure in ex-President Trump’s attempts to dispute the 2020 election results. The article further discusses Grenell’s controversial reputation and his post-2020 election activities, including his partnerships with Jared Kushner and an arms dealer on business ventures in the Balkans.

Richard Grenell’s Controversial Role in Trump’s “Stop the Steal” Operations

Richard Grenell, known for his loyalty to former President Donald J. Trump, started his journey to potentially serve as Secretary of State in a second Trump administration on 2020 Election Day. Grenell was dispatched to oversee “stop the steal” operations in key battleground states.

As Trump’s former ambassador to Germany and acting national intelligence chief, Grenell was sent to Nevada. There, he led a team of lawyers and activists raising false accusations of fraud, even wrongfully accusing hundreds of military members. Grenell admitted to his team that the Nevada vote wasn’t stolen, according to two G.O.P. operatives who wished to remain anonymous.

Grenell’s Pugnacious Loyalty to Trump

While Grenell declined interview requests, this article is based on interviews with 40 people, including nearly three dozen Republicans. Grenell, known for his hostile online tactics, has created significant divides among his opponents and supporters. Susan E. Rice, former domestic policy adviser to President Biden, has called him “one of the most nasty, dishonest people I’ve ever encountered.”

Potential for Top Foreign Policy Job in Second Trump Administration

Despite controversies, several people close to Trump suggest that Grenell has a good chance of securing a top foreign policy job in a second Trump administration. His close business ventures with Jared Kushner and his bold approach to American diplomacy are praised by the former president. Grenell has even implied that the Secretary of State position has been promised to him, although such certainty is deemed premature by Trump’s inner circle.

Grenell’s Balkan Business Ventures and Potential Conflicts of Interest

Grenell has been actively involved in business ventures in the Balkans. He has planned a luxury hotel and apartment complex project in Belgrade, Serbia, with Kushner. He has also pursued other upscale tourist sites in Albania. He reaffirmed in a television interview in Albania last year that he was working on private equity projects that would bring him significant profits.

Critiques of Grenell’s Track Record

Detractors, including former business partner Brad Chase, view Grenell as a caustic opportunist with few accomplishments. They argue that Grenell has climbed the ranks of an administration that highly values aggressive partisanship. However, his supporters, including former Trump strategist Stephen K. Bannon, see Grenell as a loyal and tireless advocate for Trump’s policies.

While Grenell’s future in a potential second Trump administration remains uncertain, his controversial approach and potential conflicts of interest continue to draw scrutiny.

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