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Guidehouse will participate in the Urban Land Institute (ULI) Philadelphia and Green Building United’s event on the Inflation Reduction Act and its implications for real estate. The Act, which dedicates $370 billion to climate change efforts over the next ten years, offers significant tax incentives and savings for real estate owners and developers. Two Guidehouse directors, specializing in sustainability, will speak at the event, providing an in-depth explanation of the Act and examples of potential savings for future development projects.

Guidehouse at ULI Philadelphia Event on IRA’s Real Estate Implications

Guidehouse is participating in Urban Land Institute (ULI) Philadelphia and Green Building United’s event on The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and its implications on real estate.

A group of esteemed experts has been arranged by ULI Philadelphia and Green Building United to give an overview of the IRA’s significant segments. The event is a platform for attendees to network with other IRA experts and develop strategies to leverage essential IRA funding opportunities.

Guidehouse collaborates with a diverse range of organizations and governments to execute large-scale federal programs. We have expertise in state and local government, energy, and housing sectors. Using our unique grants management tool, our experts assist leaders in creating a roadmap for improving communities globally.

Guidehouse Session

Inflation Reduction Act: Real Estate Implications

Thursday, June 6, 2024 | 4 – 7 p.m. EDT

The IRA of 2022 has reinforced the business case for real estate decarbonization. The bill assigns nearly $370 billion over the next decade to combat climate change. It offers attractive tax incentives and savings opportunities for real estate owners and developers for projects of any size. The session’s speakers will provide a comprehensive understanding of the IRA along with real-life project examples and ways to secure substantial savings.

Guidehouse Speakers:

  • Gregory Heller, Director, Sustainability, Guidehouse
  • Laura Slutsky, Director, Sustainability, Guidehouse

Further details can be found here.

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