Kamala Harris Demonstrates a Lack of Understanding About Inflation



The article criticizes Vice President Kamala Harris’s understanding of inflation, arguing that she remains unaware of its impact on average Americans. It references a clip of Harris discussing the Inflation Reduction Act and the Infrastructure Act, which are intended to invest in infrastructure and clean energy and provide grants to first-time home buyers. The article also includes a critique from Dave Rubin, who suggests that Harris was selected for her role due to her gender and race rather than her qualifications.

Government Spending and Inflation Impact Everyday Americans

As average Americans grapple with skyrocketing inflation and government spending affecting their purchasing power, Kamala Harris seems out of touch. From buying homes, groceries and even fast food, the impact is noticeable.

Kamala Harris Discusses the Inflation Reduction Act

In a recent clip, Harris attempted to explain the Inflation Reduction Act. “The president and I, through the Inflation Reduction Act and the Infrastructure Act, are investing trillions into rebuilding American infrastructure and tackling the climate crisis,” Harris said.

Proposed Grant for First Time Homebuyers

Harris also proposed a $225,000 grant for individuals from families with no home ownership history. The grant would help cover a home down payment.

Dave Rubin Criticizes Harris

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” has expressed concern over Harris’s actions. “She was selected because she is black and a woman. She was polling at zero in her party when she got the job she’s not qualified for,” Rubin said.

He further criticized her handling of the Inflation Reduction Act, stating, “She’s pouring trillions into the streets, and then you wonder why things cost more.”

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