Hicks Gives Testimony on Trump’s Trial, White House & 2016 Campaign



Hope Hicks, a former top aide to Donald Trump, testified at Trump’s criminal trial, describing efforts by the campaign and White House to suppress potentially damaging stories about Trump’s past sexual encounters. She appeared emotional during her testimony. Her time on the stand shifted the focus of the trial from discussions about tabloid editors and secret deals to control celebrity gossip to the actions of the 2016 presidential campaign and the Oval Office.

Hope Hicks’s Breakdown at Trump’s Criminal Trial

In New York, at Donald Trump‘s criminal trial, his former aide, Hope Hicks, made an emotional appearance on the witness stand. As she detailed campaign and White House attempts to cover up damaging stories about Trump’s past sexual behavior, Hicks seemed to break down in tears.

The testimony from Hicks signified a major shift in the trial’s focus. After days of listening to tales about tabloid editors and clandestine deals to suppress or trade celebrity rumor, the jury was transported through the tumult of the 2016 presidential campaign, right into the Oval Office.

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