Cohen Claims Trump Approved Hush-Money in First Testimony Day



Michael D. Cohen, former lawyer to Donald Trump, is set to testify at Trump’s criminal trial in Manhattan, revealing secrets he alleges Trump tried to hide. Specifically, Cohen will recount paying $130,000 to suppress a porn star’s account of a sexual encounter with Trump, alleging that Trump later reimbursed him and falsified records to disguise the payments as legal expenses. Trump denies these allegations, and his lawyers argue that no crime occurred.

Michael Cohen, the Former Lawyer and Fixer for Donald Trump, Takes the Stand

Michael D. Cohen, former attorney and enforcer for Donald Trump, is set to testify as a critical witness in Trump’s criminal trial. Known for his loyalty and cleanup efforts, Cohen prime role was to keep Trump’s secrets, branding him as the ‘fixer.’

Now, he will unravel those secrets in a trial that will highlight their tumultuous relationship. Their decades-long alliance turned sour, putting them against each other in this high-stakes legal battle.

A look into Cohen’s history reveals his integral role in American politics. His testimony will reveal his involvement in the $130,000 payment to suppress adult film star Stormy Daniels’ claims of a sexual encounter with Trump. Prosecutors highlight this action as the core cover-up in the case.

Trump denies any involvement in the cover-up and refutes Daniels’ claims. Cohen’s unpredictable nature, mixed with his tumultuous relationship with Trump, will make his testimony a significant moment in the trial.

Despite facing ridicule and abandonment from Trump, Cohen has sought public redemption. Though once an advocate for Trump, he now champions the anti-Trump resistance, even authoring books titled “Disloyal” and “Revenge”.

His testimony will reveal his role in Trump’s world, including the numerous threats he made on Trump’s behalf. The defence will question Cohen’s credibility, painting him as a rogue actor.

The prosecutors are prepared for this line of attack, introducing witnesses that corroborate Cohen’s account but also portray him as a bully. The goal is to neutralize the defence’s attacks and turn Cohen into an amusing figure, seen by the jurors for his credibility and not his past actions.

Even after a decade together, Trump and Cohen’s relationship ended explosively, resulting in public disputes and lawsuits. Despite his trials, Cohen remains committed to telling his truth in the courtroom.

The Rise and Fall of Michael Cohen

In the early 2000s, Cohen caught Trump’s eye and was soon given an office in Trump Tower. Despite his position’s ambiguity, he fulfilled various roles, often bending the law to serve Trump’s interests.

His tasks ranged from intimidating a paint company for free paint to threatening a family to not obstruct a renovation. Despite the unethical nature of his duties, Cohen played a significant role in Trump’s world.

When Trump considered a presidential run in 2012, Cohen was one of his biggest advocates. But his most significant contribution was behind the scenes, arranging payoffs to women threatening to go public with stories about their relations with Trump.

From Advocate to Enemy

Cohen’s world turned upside down in April 2018 when the FBI seized evidence of various crimes, including the hush money being an illegal donation to Trump’s campaign. Trump soon distanced himself from Cohen, and the relationship fizzled out.

Once an ardent supporter of Trump, Cohen transformed into a critic, accusing him in court of orchestrating the hush money payment. While he pleaded guilty to federal charges, he claimed to cover up Trump’s “dirty deeds.”

The Unpredictable Witness

Though his credibility will be tested, Cohen’s story has been corroborated by witnesses during the trial’s first few weeks. Evidence supports his assertion that Trump directed the hush-money deal, turning the former fixer into a pivotal figure in the trial.

Despite the tumultuous journey, Cohen remains committed to revealing his truth, thus playing a crucial role in this high-profile trial.

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