Barron Trump Excluded as Delegate at GOP Convention



Barron Trump, the youngest son of former President Donald Trump, has declined the offer to serve as one of Florida’s delegates to the Republican National Convention. The Florida Republican Party selected Barron as an at-large delegate, but due to prior commitments, he won’t be able to participate. Barron Trump, unlike his siblings, has generally stayed away from his father’s political career.

Barron Trump declines Florida GOP delegate position

Barron Trump, son of ex-President Donald Trump, will not serve as a delegate for Florida at the Republican National Convention, as announced by Melania Trump’s office. Despite being selected by the Florida Republican Party, Barron, 18, appreciatively declined due to existing commitments.

Questions about his commitments remain unanswered by the Republican Party and Mrs. Trump’s office. Barron, graduating high school next week and intending to start college this fall, has mostly stayed away from his father’s political endeavors.

Mrs. Trump has staunchly protected Barron’s privacy, even when his elder siblings campaigned for their father during the Republican primary. In a recent radio interview, Mr. Trump described Barron as a keen observer of politics and mentioned him as part of his advisory team.

On Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, Mr. Trump acknowledged Barron’s academic prowess and interest in politics, recalling how his son offers him political advice. Barron’s brothers, Donald Jr. and Eric, who actively campaigned during the Republican nominating contest, have gained popularity as political figures. Along with their sister Tiffany, they were among the 41 delegates selected by the Florida Republican Party for the upcoming national convention. Ivanka Trump, however, was not chosen, as she has distanced herself from her father’s political pursuits.

The Florida Republican Party did not immediately clarify the delegate selection process for Barron. Although his siblings spoke at the party’s 2016 and 2020 conventions, it remains unknown whether Barron will participate in the 2024 convention.

Despite Mr. Trump’s claims of his wife joining him on the campaign trail, Mrs. Trump has been largely absent. However, she did attend a fundraiser last month for the Log Cabin Republicans, a group of L.G.B.T. conservatives.

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