“…Я прийду. Принесу тобі Перемогу”


A collection of 33 poetic and 5 prose works written by soldiers in Ukraine has been published with financial assistance from the city council and the initiative of the Department of Culture and Tourism. Several of the authors, including Yevgeniy Roldugin, Artem Zadoyanchuk, Pavlo Zhuk, and Vitaliy Leskov, lost their lives defending Ukraine at the front, while authors such as Oleksandr Shenykaruk, Mykhailo Tsimbalyuk, Serhiy Ilash, Rostyslav Balyema, continue to serve. Another contributing author, Oleksandr Chabakh, is a participant of the Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO) and father of fallen policeman Yuriy Chabakh. The aim of the collection is to ensure people know and remember the authors who write about current events and make history. The book will be distributed to all community libraries.

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