Trump Conducts Multiple Meetings with International Leaders



Former U.S. President Donald Trump plans to meet with Poland’s President, Andrzej Duda, marking the latest in his private interactions with international leaders. Trump’s interactions with foreign leaders have increased in frequency and are viewed by some as unsurprising given the potential for his return to power. While these interactions are not inherently wrong, they do carry political sensitivities and could cross a line if Trump attempts to influence foreign leaders’ actions or words, especially in ways that undermine current President Joe Biden’s policies.

Trump’s Planned Meeting with Polish President Among Private Interactions with World Leaders

Donald J. Trump is set to meet with Poland’s President, Andrzej Duda, this week in New York. Their dinner, expected on Trump’s day off from court, was alluded to by Duda shortly after being contacted for comment by The New York Times. This is one in a series of Trump’s private meetings with leaders from the Persian Gulf to Eastern Europe, many sharing his political leanings.

Ties with Foreign Leaders

Last month, Trump had a previously undisclosed phone call with King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa of Bahrain, described as a “social call” by a Bahraini official. Increased foreign outreach is not surprising considering the possibility of Trump’s return to power, as indicated by the polls. Recently, Trump had a phone conversation with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, arranged by Senator Lindsey Graham.

Trump’s Meetings with Controversial Leaders

Among other interactions, Trump played host to Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban at his private Florida club, Mar-a-Lago. Orban, a right-wing nationalist, has often appeared sympathetic to Trump’s political goals. The upcoming dinner with Duda is another instance of Trump’s alignment with conservative nationalists. Poland’s President proposed naming a U.S. military base “Fort Trump” on a previous visit to the White House.

Political Implications

Trump does not need to coordinate his meetings with the U.S. State Department. Some foreign outreach is aimed at building a personal relationship with Trump to favorably position their country should he return as President. Such is the case with Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky who publicly invited Trump to experience the war in Ukraine firsthand.

Trump’s Influence on Foreign Policy

Trump’s conversation with Prince Mohammed has raised concerns due to Biden’s ongoing sensitive security negotiations with Saudi Arabia. These negotiations could lead to Riyadh establishing diplomatic relations with Israel for the first time, a potentially critical development in resolving the Gaza conflict. Officials fear Trump, whose real estate company has a deal with a Saudi firm, might try to coax Prince Mohammed into delaying the deal until after the November elections.

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