Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Claims Americans Are Voting Based on Fear



Robert F. Kennedy Jr. believes he can win a presidential election as a third-party candidate, despite polls indicating a significant struggle in a three-way race. At a rally, Kennedy stated that he was leading in two scenarios: one against either President Biden or former President Trump individually. Kennedy acknowledges the differences between Biden and Trump but argues that their positions on so-called “culture war issues” serve to divide the country, while on serious issues such as national debt and chronic disease, their stances are not significantly different.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Aims for Unprecedented Win in Presidential Election

On Sunday, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. made an ambitious statement that he could potentially achieve what no third-party or independent candidate has done in modern U.S. history: winning a presidential election. Although he is far behind according to current polls, both major-party campaigns of President Biden and former President Donald J. Trump view Kennedy as a potential disrupter.

Kennedy Cites Positive Poll Results at Rally

At a rally in Long Island, New York, Kennedy presented his campaign’s poll results which show him winning in two potential scenarios: one in which he competes against Biden alone, and the other against Trump without Biden. However, he attributed lagging behind in a three-way race to fear-based voting among Americans.

Fear-based Voting: A Strategic Manipulation?

According to Kennedy, both Democrats and Republicans are trying to manipulate voters by inciting fear. He criticized strategies where he said parties instill fear of the opposing candidate to deter votes, thereby manipulating individuals into compromising their values.

Kennedy Highlights Points of Difference Between Biden and Trump

Kennedy acknowledged the significant differences between Biden and Trump in areas such as their personalities, ideologies, and approach to life. However, he argued that these differences, evident in topics like abortion, border security, guns, and transgender rights, were merely “culture war issues” used to divide the nation.

Kennedy Criticizes the U.S.’s Covid Response and Vaccine Uptake

On the issue of the national debt and chronic disease, Kennedy said there were no significant differences between Biden’s and Trump’s positions. He expressed concern over the U.S.’s high death rate due to coronavirus compared to other developed countries, attributing it in part to the low vaccine uptake, which Kennedy has campaigned against. Contrary to scientific evidence of vaccine safety and efficacy, Kennedy suggested that the poor Covid performance in the U.S. reflects negatively on vaccines.

Reflections on Pandemic Responses

“Whatever we’re doing, whatever we did, it was wrong,” Kennedy stated, referring to the responses to the pandemic, including vaccine mandates and lockdowns.

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