New York expects more witnesses, 2nd contempt hearing in Trump Trials



David Pecker, a friend of Donald Trump, agreed to testify for the prosecution under a grant of immunity to protect himself and his company after believing they violated election law on Trump’s behalf. When approached by the Federal Election Commission and the FBI, Pecker chose to cooperate. Despite his legal predicament with Trump, Pecker stated that he still considers the former president a friend, unlike Trump’s former lawyer Cohen who has publicly displayed his antipathy towards Trump.

Why did David Pecker testify against Donald Trump?

Despite being friends with Donald Trump, David Pecker still testified for the prosecution. This was due to his immunity agreement with prosecutors. Pecker not only appeared upbeat during his testimony, but also admitted his belief in having breached election law for Trump’s benefit. He decided to cooperate with the Federal Election Commission and the FBI to safeguard his own interests and that of his company. You can read more about Pecker’s immunity agreement in this article.

How does Pecker’s stance compare to Cohen’s?

Pecker’s position is different from Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer, who has been openly antagonistic toward the former president. While Cohen’s disdain for Trump is publicly visible, Pecker still regards Trump as a friend, despite not having communicated with him for several years due to their shared legal complications. Here’s an external link to an article that further delves into Cohen’s sentiments toward Trump.

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