“Idaho’s Chad Daybell on Trial for Alleged ‘Doomsday’ Murders”



Chad Daybell, an Idaho man, is on trial for an alleged ‘doomsday plot’ involving three murders. Prosecutors argue that Daybell’s pursuit for ‘sex, money and power’ led to these crimes. Lawyers also note that his wife faced a ‘health struggle’ before her death, which Daybell reportedly ‘predicted’.

Idaho Man Chad Daybell’s ‘Doomsday Plot’ Trial

The murder trial of Idaho man Chad Daybell, who is facing charges for a doomsday plot continues to garner attention.

Prosecutor’s Claim in Chad Daybell’s Trial

The prosecutor, in his opening statement, claimed that Daybell’s pursuit for sex, money, and power led to three murders.

Daybell’s Wife’s Health Issues Before Death

Daybell’s lawyers have said that his wife faced a health struggle before her death.

Chad Daybell ‘Predicted’ His Wife’s Death

Prosecutors assert that Chad Daybell ‘predicted’ Tammy Daybell’s death.

Daybell’s Pursuit for ‘Sex, Money, and Power’

The prosecutor further claims that Daybell’s pursuit for ‘sex, money, and power’ led to three murders. His trial continues to draw national attention.

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