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Florida’s Supreme Court has upheld a ban on abortions after six weeks of pregnancy, and allowed for a proposed constitutional amendment guaranteeing abortion rights to be included in the November ballot. In response, President Biden’s campaign has identified an opportunity in Florida and plans to focus on abortion rights in its strategy. While some perceive Biden’s focus on Florida as a ploy to force Trump’s campaign to expend resources there, others suggest it is an opportunity for Democrats to revitalize their presence in the state, although there is skepticism regarding the viability of this approach.

2024 Presidential Election’s Florida Battleground

The 2024 Presidential Election seemed like it might be without much action from Florida. Governor Ron DeSantis, a Republican, had his presidential ambitions squashed by former President Donald Trump in the primary. The Democrats in Florida were still reeling from their 2022 losses.

Florida, once the ultimate battleground state, which has become increasingly Republican in recent years, seemed like it would be on the sidelines. However, President Biden’s campaign has seen an opening in Florida due to the issue of abortion rights.

The Florida Supreme Court recently upheld a six-week abortion ban and approved a proposed constitutional amendment guaranteeing the right to abortion before 24 weeks, to be on the November ballot.

Biden’s Campaign Strategy in Florida

After the Supreme Court decision, the Biden campaign seized this opportunity, releasing an ad on abortion rights. They believe Biden is in a stronger position to win Florida now compared to 2020.

However, some argue that Biden’s focus on Florida is a strategy to draw Trump’s campaign to spend resources there. While an abortion ad is running online in Florida, there are no TV ads about it, nor any details about how much of their spring TV advertising budget is allocated to Florida.

The Biden campaign is also using the Florida Supreme Court’s ruling to push its abortion-rights message in more winnable states. The new abortion ad will be shown during baseball games in Milwaukee, Detroit, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia, but not ones in Florida.

Democrats’ Views on Florida

There are mixed views among Democrats regarding Biden’s strategy in Florida. While some are optimistic about the positive impact of the abortion referendum on the campaign, others believe Florida is a lost cause and Biden’s efforts there serve as a diversion.

In 2020, Michael Bloomberg spent $100 million to support Biden in Florida, which may have led Trump and his allies to increase their spending in Florida. This may have given Biden an edge in other close states.

Simon Rosenberg’s Predictions for the 2024 Election

Simon Rosenberg, a known strategist and consultant, predicts that despite the polls and punditry, President Biden will defeat Donald Trump in November. He believes Trump is a far weaker candidate than he was in 2016, and that the Supreme Court decision on abortion rights has broken the Republican Party.

Read the full interview with Simon Rosenberg here.

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