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The relationship between religion and secular governance in America, especially the influence of the Christian Right, is a topic of historical and contemporary relevance. The Christian Right’s influence on US presidential elections and its relationship with traditional evangelicals is significant. Historian Dan Hummel is set to discuss these aspects and the key figures behind the development of the Christian Right’s political influence.

Exploring the Influence of the Christian Right in American Politics

From the era of Puritan New England to the present, the United States has grappled with balancing religious beliefs within a secular nation. This complex relationship has been further amplified by the rising influence of the Christian Right. But what is the connection between the Christian Right and traditional evangelicals? How has the Christian Right shaped US presidential elections? Which key individuals led to its prominence? Historian Dan Hummel provides an enlightening exploration of the Christian Right’s role in American politics.

Episode Credits

  • Host: Norman Gilliland
  • Guest: Daniel Hummel

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