Two storms may merge for significant snowfall by Tuesday



Weather maps indicate that Minnesota could receive significant snowfall over the next four days, with over a foot of snow possible in some areas by Monday or Tuesday. The first storm, expected Thursday night into Friday morning, could produce 2 to 5 inches of snow, with local areas possibly seeing up to 6 inches. A second storm, arriving Sunday through Tuesday, could be larger and wetter, with the potential for over a foot of snow in areas that remain primarily snowfall zones, such as locations north and west of the Twin Cities.

Minnesota is bracing for significant snowfall, with weather maps indicating sizable accumulation over the next four days. Weather forecast models suggest that over a foot of snow could blanket parts of Minnesota by early next week.

The exact details of the forecast, including specific snowfall totals and locations, are still uncertain, but signs point to an intense storm that could bring heavy snowfall to parts of the state.

System No. 1: Thursday night into Friday morning

The first weather system is set to bring significant snowfall, already affecting the Dakotas and parts of Minnesota. The main snow wave is expected to reach western Minnesota by early evening and intensify in the Twin Cities area around 9-10 p.m. Thursday night.

Models predict the heaviest snowfall between 11 p.m. Thursday and 4 a.m. Friday. By Friday morning, snowfall totals of 2 to 5 inches are anticipated from western Minnesota through the Twin Cities, with local figures potentially reaching 6 inches where heavy snow bands set up overnight.

System No. 2: Sunday-Tuesday

The second storm, forecasted for Sunday through Tuesday, is expected to be larger, wetter, and slower. Though trends are continually shifting, models still suggest heavy snowfall on Sunday. NOAA’s Global Forecast System is indicating a possible transition from snow to rain on Monday in the Twin Cities area.

If this transition doesn’t happen, heavier snowfall totals could occur in the Twin Cities. Forecast models project potential snowfall of more than a foot in areas north and west of the Twin Cities by Tuesday. Moreover, NOAA currently indicates a >50% chance of at least 6 inches of snow across a large swath from the Dakotas into Minnesota, including the Twin Cities, in the 24 hours through 7 p.m. Sunday.

While a fresh coat of snow is expected by Friday morning, attention is shifting towards a potentially more significant storm starting Sunday.

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