“Trump Victorious in Missouri, Michigan Caucuses; Idaho GOP Next in 2024 Race”



Former President Donald Trump won the Missouri and Michigan Republican caucuses, securing all the available delegates in both states. This has brought his total delegate count to 215, while former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley has 24. The next GOP caucus is scheduled to take place in the District of Columbia, followed by Super Tuesday where 16 states and American Samoa will hold primaries.

Former President Donald Trump clinched victories in the Missouri and Michigan Republican caucuses, as projected by CBS News. Both states held their GOP presidential nomination events on Saturday.

Former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley is still in search of her first win.

Trump swept all 54 Republican delegates in Missouri and all 39 delegates in Michigan’s district caucuses. He also secured 12 at-large delegates from Michigan’s Republican primary on Tuesday.

With Michigan and Missouri’s results, Trump’s nationwide delegate count reaches 215, while Haley stands at 24. There were no Democratic contests on Saturday.

Weekend caucuses

The next GOP caucus will be held in the District of Columbia on Sunday. Super Tuesday,with 16 states and American Samoa holding primaries, will follow two days later. Trump is well-positioned to secure the nomination shortly thereafter.

Michigan Republicans awarded 51 of the state’s 55 GOP presidential delegates to Trump at their convention in Grand Rapids on Saturday. However, a considerable chunk of the party’s grassroots force refrained from attending due to an ongoing leadership conflict.

Trump convincingly won Michigan’s primary this past Tuesday, garnering 68% of the vote against Haley’s 27%.

The Missouri Republican Party conducted its presidential caucuses on Saturday, providing state voters their sole opportunity to impact the party’s representative on the November presidential ballot.

Brand new system

This year marks the first test of the revamped system in Missouri, which is predominantly managed by Republican volunteers.

The caucuses materialized after Missouri Republican Gov. Mike Parson enacted a 2022 law that cancelled the scheduled March 12 presidential primary. Both state Republican and Democratic party leaders’ attempts to reinstate the primary were unsuccessful. Democrats will conduct a party-run primary on March 23.

Last year, Idaho lawmakers approved cost-saving legislation that intended to synchronize all the state’s primaries to a single date in May. However, the bill unintentionally abolished the presidential primaries. With no agreement on a proposal in time, both parties resolved to hold presidential caucuses as the sole option.

The GOP presidential caucuses will be held on Saturday, while the Democratic caucuses are scheduled for May 23. In 2016, Trump finished second in the Idaho primary, trailing Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas.

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