Ship collision causes Baltimore’s Key Bridge collapse



Maryland Governor Wes Moore spoke with the construction worker who survived a bridge collapse after a ship collision; the unnamed worker described seeing the ship coming towards the bridge just before the incident. At the time of the accident, there were eight workers on the bridge; six are still unaccounted for, and one of the two rescued was taken to the hospital. Governor Moore emphasized the speed of the calamity, stating that the time between the distress call and the bridge collapse was only seconds.

Maryland Governor Speaks on Bridge Collapse Incident

Ship collision causes Baltimore’s Key Bridge collapse
Gov. Wes Moore at a news conference on March 26. (Matt Rourke/AP)

In a recent news conference, Maryland Gov. Wes Moore discussed his conversation with a worker who escaped the tragic bridge collapse unscathed. The worker recounted the terrifying moments leading up to the ship’s collision with the bridge, Moore said.

Officials reported that eight construction workers were on the bridge during the incident. Sadly, six workers are still missing, two were saved — one needed hospital treatment, while the other was unharmed.

“From the moment the crew sent out a mayday to the bridge collapse, it was a matter of seconds,” stated Moore during his CNN interview.

Moore remarked that the worker’s survival and mental clarity to provide details of the incident is astounding, given the extreme circumstances and speed at which the event occurred.

The worker disclosed that seeing ships approach the bridge was common. However, the size and speed of the incoming vessel signaled imminent danger, leading to the disastrous event, Moore added.

“The vastness and speed of that vessel, even minor adjustments, could mean the difference between safe passage and catastrophe,” said Moore.

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