Primary Races in California and North Carolina to Watch on Super Tuesday



The 2024 Super Tuesday lacks much electoral drama with Donald Trump and President Biden expected to capture a series of victories, putting them well on their way to their party’s nomination. However, several consequential primary contests are taking place in the California Senate, North Carolina governor’s race, and California House races. The Supreme Court ruled that states may not bar Donald Trump from running for another term, rejecting a challenge to his eligibility.

Super Tuesday Lacks Drama in Presidential Race, But Offers Key Down-Ballot Contests

In 2024, Super Tuesday has a low-key atmosphere in the presidential race with Donald Trump and President Biden expected to capture easy victories. However, a series of consequential primary contests in several states are worth watching.

Three Noteworthy Contests

California Senate

The California Senate primary was anticipated as a major clash over the Democratic Party’s future. However, the unique California politics has turned the race into a contest for the second place. Representative Adam Schiff is expected to be one of the top two vote-getters, with his opponent uncertain.

Schiff’s strategy involves investing $10 million to promote one Republican opponent, Steve Garvey, a former baseball star. With Schiff’s help, Garvey may advance to the general election.

Recent polls suggest that Garvey could beat Representative Katie Porter for second place, which would almost guarantee Schiff’s victory in the general election.

North Carolina Governor

The North Carolina governor’s race kicks off on Super Tuesday. As reported today, the race features Josh Stein, a traditional Democrat and Lt. Gov, Mark Robinson, a right-wing politician with starkly different views.

The outcome of the race will make history, either with Stein as the state’s first Jewish governor or Robinson as the first Black governor.

California House Races

Primaries in key districts in California on Tuesday will provide insight into the race for control of the House in November. California is crucial for Democratic plans to reclaim the House. The state holds three of the eight Republican-held seats considered as tossups.

A fierce battle between two Democratic candidates in a Republican-held Central Valley district is dividing the party’s vote. Democrats fear this could lead to a Republican vs. Republican race in November, threatening their control of the house.

Trump Wins Supreme Court Challenge

The Supreme Court ruled that states may not bar Donald Trump from running for another term, unanimously rejecting a challenge to his eligibility.

The majority opinion stated that Congress, rather than the states, is responsible for enforcing Section 3 of the 14th Amendment, which forbids insurrectionists from holding office.

The court’s three liberal members, Justices Sotomayor, Kagan, and Brown Jackson, expressed frustration at what they viewed as the majority’s unnecessary overreach, accusing it of trying to shield the court and Trump “from future controversy.”

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