Introducing the Era of Jess Bidgood



Jess Bidgood has been announced as the new newsletter writer for The New York Times. Bidgood, an experienced reporter, will be delivering the newsletter to subscribers’ inboxes three times a week. She promises to deliver deep and thoughtful reporting covering a range of topics, from politics to culture and sports, and to ask tough questions of those who want power in the country.

Introducing Jess Bidgood, the New Newsletter Writer

We’re thrilled to announce Jess Bidgood as our new newsletter writer. Jess brings a wealth of experience, having previously worked as a reporter for The Times’s National Desk back in the 2010s. She’s renowned for her uncanny character insight, enduring curiosity, and above all, her remarkable sense of humor. As of Monday, expect to find her insightful articles in your inbox on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

About Jess Bidgood

England-born Jess Bidgood is a seasoned political reporter based in Washington, D.C. Her journalistic journey began in public radio in Boston, writing about various topics from natural disasters to narwhals. Wanting to cover politics more extensively, she moved to Washington some five years ago, working for The Boston Globe. Jess is excited to helm our newsletter during these dynamic political times.

Jess’s Approach to Political Coverage

Jess perceives politics as an insight into the country’s evolving narrative. From voters to political figures, politics shows us who we are and where we’re heading. She’s eager to explore political stories that matter, both big and small, and bring them to On Politics. Jess promises an engaging mix of news, interviews, and ideas that will enrich our understanding of the political landscape.

The Jess Bidgood Era

During her tenure, the newsletter will broaden its view of politics. Expect insights well beyond Washington, stories about real people, and a look at how politics intersects with culture, style, food, and sports. Jess is also committed to grilling those who seek power and keeping you updated on the races, ideas, and debates shaping the elections.

The Dream Newsletter

Jess’s dream interview? Taylor Swift. And she’s open to hearing from you too. If you have something to say about this election, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Four Presidents in New York

Yesterday, New York was the hub for presidential activities, with current President Biden and three former presidents gracing several events. The day offered a glimpse into the political collisions that may define the upcoming general elections.

Manhattan and Long Island Events

In Manhattan, President Biden, former Presidents Barack Obama, and Bill Clinton raised a record-breaking $25 million at a fund-raiser. Meanwhile, on Long Island, former President Donald Trump attended a wake for a New York City police officer.

Event Highlights

The events showcased the clash between the establishment of the Democratic Party and Trump’s MAGA movement. They also highlighted Biden and Trump’s attempts to neutralize damaging attacks against them. Despite interruptions by protesters, the Manhattan fundraiser was a display of Democratic unity and strength. Trump, on the other hand, used the Long Island event to push his “law and order” agenda.

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