Inflation Reduction Act grants over $400,000 to Gettysburg National Military Park



The Gettysburg National Military Park has received over $400,000 in funding to combat forest loss and study the effects of climate change. The funding, awarded through the Inflation Reduction Act, will support the Resilient Forest Initiative’s efforts to restore resilience to the forest ecosystem in Gettysburg and 18 other Northeast national parks. The funds will also be used to create a comprehensive spatial database to combine existing cultural resource data and integrate climate projections to support planning for the protection of park resources.

Gettysburg National Military Park Receives Funding to Combat Forest Loss and Study Climate Change Impacts

The Gettysburg National Military Park (NMP) has obtained $429,000 in funding via the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) to confront catastrophic forest loss and to investigate the effects of climate change on inland and river landscapes.

The budget will be specifically allocated to endorse the Resilient Forest Initiative. This initiative aims to sustain native forests for future generations through restorative efforts, benefiting Gettysburg NMP and 18 other Northeast national parks.

The project involves fostering forest resilience through invasive plant management and planting of native tree seedlings.

Acting Superintendent Kristina Heister revealed that the IRA funding will enable Gettysburg NMP to adopt best practices to counter multiple stressors including overpopulation of white-tailed deer, invasive plant species proliferation, extreme weather events, and changing climate conditions. She emphasized the importance of this investment in safeguarding and restoring robust and resilient park lands for future generations.

In addition to forest restoration, the funding will facilitate the development of a comprehensive spatial database. It will merge existing cultural resource data and incorporate climate projections to aid in planning for park resource preservation.

Gettysburg NMP highlighted that over 20,000 National Park Service employees are currently preserving America’s 429 national parks.

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