Healey declares “DunQueens” powers Massachusetts at St. Patrick’s Day event



On St. Patrick’s Day, Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey introduced the term “DunQueens”, a spinoff of the Dunkin’ Super Bowl commercial. Healey, along with Lieutenant Governor Kim Driscoll and former Massachusetts Governor Jane Swift, dressed in “DunKings” tracksuits during an appearance at the annual St. Patrick’s Day breakfast, where they performed a skit that poked fun at some of the issues facing Massachusetts. During the event, Healey referenced her recent decision to pardon hundreds of thousands of marijuana convictions, stating, “When all else fails, we just pardon everybody. Marijuana pardons for everybody. And then everybody loves us again.”

Maura Healey Announces “DunQueens” Reign in Massachusetts

Gov. Maura Healey introduced Massachusetts to the ‘DunQueens’ on St. Patrick’s Day. The term is a spinoff from Dunkin’s Super Bowl commercial featuring celebrities dubbed as ‘DunKings’. Healey and others sported “DunKings” tracksuits at an annual St. Patrick’s Day breakfast, in honor of this theme. Watch the video here.

The joke was well-received, with the skit mocking some prevalent issues in Massachusetts, including the MBTA. Healey also referenced her recent pardon of hundreds of thousands of marijuana convictions.

The annual breakfast was not without controversy, as a group protested Mayor Michelle Wu’s ban on outdoor dining, stating that it hurt summer business in the North End.

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