The popularity of electric vehicles in Pennsylvania is on the rise due to the Inflation Reduction Act by Biden/Harris.



Electric vehicle (EV) ownership is growing in Pennsylvania, with over 64,000 residents owning EVs. This growth is supported by the Biden-Harris administration’s Inflation Reduction Act, which provides a $7,500 rebate to residents who purchase a new EV. The state is also set to receive $171.5 million from the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Formula Program to install EV charging stations, making EVs a more practical choice for residents.

Thanks to the Biden-Harris administration’s Inflation Reduction Act, Pennsylvania’s electric vehicle (EV) ownership is on the rise, with residents qualifying for a $7,500 rebate on new EV purchases.

Electric vehicles are gaining traction in Pennsylvania, as lawmakers and environmental supporters highlight their benefits and affordability. Currently, over 64,000 Pennsylvanians own EVs, a number expected to grow due to funding from the Inflation Reduction Act.

David Kieve, president of EDF Action, commented on the future of electric driving in Pennsylvania. “The future of driving is electric, and that’s a very good thing for every Pennsylvanian.”

Biden’s clean energy plan has mobilized $188 billion in private investment towards EV and battery production nationwide, projected to create 195,000 jobs.

A report by EDF Action reveals that EVs have become more affordable, primarily due to Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act which avails a $7,500 rebate on new EV purchases.

Currently, Pennsylvania offers 39 EV models under $48,000, the average price of a new car, and 15 models below $35,000. Moreover, EV owners spend less on fuel and maintenance, saving up to $27,000 in the first decade of ownership compared to a gas-powered vehicle.

With an average range of 300 miles per charge for EVs, traversing Pennsylvania is expected to become easier for EV owners.

Pennsylvania is set to receive $171.5 million from the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula Program, allocated for installing EV charging stations across the state.

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission aims to install EV charging stations at all service plazas by 2027. There are currently 48 superchargers available at six service plazas, offering a full battery charge in 30 minutes.

“Electric vehicles reduce costs and promote healthier environments by eliminating tailpipe emissions. They’re a clear win for the people of Pennsylvania.” said State Rep. Justin Flemming (D-Dauphin).

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