Radio host received questions from Biden campaign pre-interview



Two radio hosts claimed that they were supplied questions by aides to President Biden before interviews. This comes after Biden’s campaign has been critiqued for controlling his public events due to potential gaffes during unscripted appearances. Biden campaign spokeswoman Lauren Hitt defended the move as not uncommon, stating that agreeing on topics before an interview is not a criterion but both Trump and Biden’s campaigns have been known to ask reporters their planned questions beforehand.

Radio Hosts Confirm Receiving Interview Questions from Biden’s Aides

Two radio hosts confirmed on Saturday that President Biden’s aides provided questions before their interviews with him. This practice was defended as standard by Biden campaign spokesperson Lauren Hitt.

Hitt explained that agreeing on topics in advance wasn’t a prerequisite for the interview. However, the Biden campaign is under fire for controlling his public appearances to limit potential mistakes during unscripted events.

Biden and Trump’s Debate Performance

In a debate on June 27, Biden appeared tired and confused, delivering unclear responses at times. His presumptive Republican opponent, Donald Trump, was also accused of spreading misinformation during the debate. The parties decided not to fact-check in real time.

Biden’s debate performance has been scrutinized this week after calls from Democrats, liberal media voices and donors asking him to withdraw from the race to avoid losing control of the White House and Congress.

Radio Interview Controversy

During two radio interviews announced by the White House press secretary, hosts received questions from Biden’s campaign aides. When queried by CNN host Victor Blackwell, one of the hosts confirmed that she approved questions sent to her by the campaign.

The Biden campaign confirmed that the proposed questions were sent by campaign aides, not White House officials. However, the campaign will reportedly discontinue the practice of offering suggested questions.

Trump’s Campaign Practices

Trump’s campaign has also engaged in similar tactics. They abruptly canceled an interview with a local reporter in Virginia after asking the reporter about his planned questions, as reported by 13News Now.

Defending the Practice

Lawful-Sanders, one of the radio hosts, defended their interview and how questions were negotiated in advance. She said she felt no pressure to ask specific questions and focused on what was most important to the black and brown communities they serve.

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