Kamala Harris Travels to Las Vegas with Focus on Biden-Trump Battle



Vice President Kamala Harris continues to support President Biden amid discussions among Democrats about whether he should be replaced in the next election. Harris has been actively campaigning and promoting the administration’s record, despite President Biden’s poor debate performance and trailing poll numbers. While some Democrats have voiced support for Harris as a potential party leader, others have called for an open competition for the party’s nominee if Biden were to step down.

Vice President Kamala Harris Visits Nevada Amid Speculation About Presidential Ticket

Kamala Harris, Vice President of the United States, visited Nevada on Tuesday amidst speculation that she might replace her running mate at the top of the ticket in the upcoming elections. This was her sixth visit to the state this year, and 14th since she took office. Her visit comes at a time when prominent Democrats are openly discussing her potential elevation.

Harris focused on the election race, framing the choice between President Biden, 81, and former President Donald J. Trump, 78, as a decision between a country of “freedom, compassion and rule of law” and one of “chaos, fear and hate”. Harris delivered her speech in a Las Vegas casino ballroom, addressing Republican’s Project 2025 policies, which, she argued, would curtail the Education Department and limit access to abortion.

Despite recent concerns within Democratic ranks about Biden’s re-election, following his poor debate performance, Harris firmly supported her running mate, stating, “We always knew this election would be tough… But Joe Biden is a fighter.” She drew a clear line between Biden and Trump, advocating for the administration’s record. However, this hasn’t quelled party discussions about the future of the Democratic ticket.

According to some Democrats, if Biden were to step aside, the party should rapidly unite behind Harris. She remained focused on promoting the Biden-Harris ticket during her visit, attempting to energize important Democratic constituencies that have lagged in enthusiasm, such as young people, women and Black voters.

Increasing numbers of Democrats now see Harris as a potential party leader should Biden decide to withdraw. Stefanie Brown James, a founder of the Collective PAC, dedicated to electing Black officials, said, “We need her to shine her light.”

During her visit to Nevada, Harris appeared alongside prominent Black women discussing abortion rights and local union members. Surprisingly, she also visited the Team USA basketball camp in Las Vegas, telling NBA stars preparing for the Olympics, “You need to go to Paris and bring back that gold.”

Despite facing a challenging battle in Nevada, Harris’s assertive speech energized the crowd that chanted “Four more years”. The attendees demonstrated their excitement about the Biden-Harris ticket, with Harris going on the offensive against Trump and Project 2025. However, others expressed concerns about Biden’s ability to continue in the race.

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