Excessive Heat to Persist This Week After Record Highs



More than 135 million people across the Lower 48 are under heat alerts, including on both coasts and in some of the country’s largest cities. In many cases, the alerts have been up for days and will continue until the weekend. In the West, Phoenix, Las Vegas, San Jose, Spokane, Wash., and Boise, Idaho, are all under excessive-heat warnings.

Unprecedented Heat Alerts Impact Over 135 Million People Across U.S.

Heat alerts are now affecting over 135 million people in the Lower 48 states, from both coasts to major cities. After a harsh start to July, which saw hundreds of heat records shattered, these warnings have persisted and are anticipated to remain until the weekend.

Heat Warnings Extend from East to West

In the western United States, cities like Phoenix, Las Vegas, San Jose, Spokane, and Boise are all under excessive-heat advisories. The East is experiencing similar warnings, which extend from South Carolina up to Massachusetts, including major cities like Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Boston. Heat indexes along the Interstate 95 corridor are anticipated to reach 105 to 110 degrees.

Extreme HeatRisk Levels Predominate

Large parts of the Lower 48 are expected to face “major” to “extreme” HeatRisk levels or at least Level 3 on the federal government’s scale. The most pervasive and extreme Level 4 HeatRisk is concentrated in the Desert Southwest, where Las Vegas recently recorded its highest-ever temperature of 120 degrees.

Predicted Heat Especially Torrid in the West

The most extreme heat is predicted to persist through the remainder of the week in the western United States. Record temperatures are projected in parts of Washington state, Oregon, Idaho, California, Nevada, and Arizona. Las Vegas is forecast to reach 119 both Wednesday and Thursday, while Southern California and Arizona are expected to see high temperatures exceed 120 degrees through Friday.

Record-Breaking Heat Wave Continues

The heat wave has set hundreds of records since the start of July, predominantly in the West. There were about 300 daily heat records set on July 5, 6 and 7. Many Western locations have reported one of their hottest weeks on record, including Las Vegas, Bishop in California, and Medford in Oregon.

Climate Change Increasing Intensity of Heat Waves

Scientific research underscores the role of human-caused climate change in intensifying the frequency and severity of heat waves. The ongoing streak of 13 straight record warm months globally and the United States experiencing its second-warmest year to date further demonstrate the changing climate.

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