Biden’s Family Urges Him to Continue Battle at Camp David



President Biden’s family is encouraging him to remain in the race despite a poor performance in a recent debate. Biden’s staff is considering strategies to recover, including holding press conferences or interviews to change the narrative. Still, there is internal criticism of the president’s debate preparations, with some blaming staff members for his performance and decisions.

President Biden Encouraged to Persist Despite Poor Debate Performance

Despite a disappointing debate performance last week, President Biden’s family is encouraging him to remain in the race, according to sources close to the situation. Amid Democratic unease, the president has been considering his next steps at Camp David with his wife, children, and grandchildren. They believe he can still demonstrate his capacity to serve another term.

Discussions are underway within Biden’s team regarding potential ways to change the narrative, including a news conference or interviews. Biden’s son Hunter, a trusted advisor, strongly urges his father to continue fighting and show the American public the version of the president he knows.

Family United, Advisors Blamed

Family members are exploring how to aid Biden’s campaign, with one of his grandchildren considering social media influencer outreach. Amidst criticism from Democrats like John Morgan, a top donor close to Biden’s brother Frank, the family maintains they are united and have no intention of abandoning the race.

Morgan publicly criticized the president’s advisors for the debate’s outcome, naming Ron Klain, Anita Dunn, and Bob Bauer. Biden’s family has also expressed disappointment in his staff, questioning why they allowed him to appear unprepared and physically unwell.

Donor Support Key to Campaign

Despite these criticisms, the president and the first lady continue to trust their advisors. Top campaign officials are in communication with major donors disgruntled about the situation, hoping to prevent a wave of defections. A planned conference call with its national fund-raising committee aims to reassure donors, as their support is crucial for Biden’s continued candidacy.

Democrats Support Biden Despite Tough Odds

Despite a recent CBS News poll showing only 27% of voters think Biden has the mental and cognitive health to serve as president, prominent Democrats continue to support him. Senator Raphael Warnock of Georgia defended the president on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” praising his character and mettle.

Biden’s Future Still Unclear

While the possibility exists for Biden to step aside for another candidate, many believe he is likely to continue the fight. However, uncertainty remains in the Democratic party, with Representative Jamie Raskin of Maryland admitting that honest discussions are taking place at all levels about the president’s future.

As the family prepares to spend the weekend at Camp David, the ongoing debate focuses not on Biden’s potential withdrawal from the race, but on how best to argue for his continued candidacy. Despite recent setbacks, the president remains energized and willing to fight until November. However, some advisors have expressed discontent with Biden’s reliance on a teleprompter, even in less formal settings.

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