Biden Admits Few Days Left to Save Candidacy



After a poor debate performance, President Biden has acknowledged to key allies that his re-election bid could be in jeopardy if he fails to convince voters that he is capable of doing the job. A new poll from The New York Times and Siena College shows former President Trump leading Biden 49% to 43% among likely voters. Despite calls from some key party donors for Biden to step down, he has expressed his commitment to continue his campaign, while key party figures in the House and Senate have yet to urge their members to rally around him.

President Biden Battles to Preserve Candidacy Post-Debate

After a poor debate showing, President Biden is working to persuade voters he is capable of the job as he fights for re-election. Two close allies reveal that Biden remains committed, understanding the crucial nature of the coming days and his own political viability.

“No one’s pushing me out,” said Biden during a call aimed at boosting confidence within his campaign staff amid uncertainty in the White House. Vice President Kamala Harris also joined the call, affirming support for her leader, “We will fight, and we will win.”

Upcoming public appearances, including an interview with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos and campaign stops in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, must go well, Biden has admitted privately to allies. After his problematic debate performance, he realizes that similar future events could drastically alter his campaign’s trajectory.

A recent poll indicated increased challenges for the campaign, with former President Donald Trump leading Biden among likely voters nationally.

False Claims of Withdrawal and Party Support

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre denounced rumors of Biden considering withdrawal, while expressing confidence in Kamala Harris as the future of the party. Despite growing scrutiny, Biden views his debate performance as a temporary setback and not indicative of his ability to serve another term.

Democratic donors, including Netflix co-founder Reed Hastings, have called for Biden to step aside as top Democrats express their concerns. However, the decision remains with Biden, who continues to receive support from family and remains committed to the campaign.

Damage Control and Party Frustration

Inside the White House, senior officials tried to steady the ship, urging staff to keep executing and hold their heads high. Despite this encouragement, some of Biden’s advisers have grown increasingly pessimistic amid growing party unrest.

Biden’s lack of immediate personal outreach to key Democrats has caused dissatisfaction within his party. The president has since connected with key figures like Democratic leader in the House Hakeem Jeffries, majority leader Senator Chuck Schumer, and former speaker Representative Nancy Pelosi.

Family Support and Public Doubt

Jill Biden, the first lady, remains supportive of the president continuing his campaign. She has publicly repeated Biden’s commitment to defeat Donald Trump, just as he did in 2020. However, notable Democrats like Representative Lloyd Doggett have publicly called for Biden to step aside, increasing speculation surrounding his campaign’s future.

Despite the growing concerns, President Biden remains committed to his re-election campaign and continues to believe he is the best candidate to defeat Donald Trump.

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