Спекотно у тепловиків — роботи вистачає


The article discusses the ongoing work carried out by the workers of МКП “Хмельницьктеплокомуненерго”, including the reconstruction and modernization of boiler houses and the repair of heating networks. The company is replacing boiler units with new ones and performing crucial tasks such as the modernization of automation control shields for six boilers and the overhaul of two boiler units. Various repair and maintenance work is being carried out in different locations. The company employees are also responding to customer calls, addressing technological deviations, and performing repairs. They ask residents to promptly pay for the services and settle any debts to ensure the stable operation of the company and the supply of hot water.
Keywords: МКП “Хмельницьктеплокомуненерго”, boiler houses, heating networks, automation control shields, boiler units, technological deviations, hot water supply.

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