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Donald Trump and his allies aim to overhaul the American government if he reclaims power, with policies including an aggressive crackdown on immigration, directing the Justice Department to prosecute adversaries, and expanding presidential authority. These plans also involve drastic changes to US economic policies, posing the risk of higher prices and trade wars, as well as a retreat from Europe’s military engagement and potential unilateral deployments of troops in Democratic-run cities. In terms of immigration, plans include mass deportations, increased ICE raids, detainment camps for immigrants, pushing asylum seekers to other countries, reinstating travel bans on certain Muslim-majority nations, and attempting to end birthright citizenship.

A Radical Reshape of America Under Trump’s Potential Second Term

Donald Trump and his allies are preparing to drastically reshape the American government if he regains the presidency. Here are some key plans including extreme immigration crackdown, Justice Department control, enhanced presidential power, changes to economic policies,military retreat from Europe, and troop deployment in Democratic-run cities.

A Radical Increase in Immigration Control

Mr. Trump plans to escalate his first-term immigration crackdown during his potential second term, including mass deportations, increased ICE agents, construction of immigrant detention camps, and reinstatement of the travel ban on certain Muslim-majority countries.

Use Justice Department to Prosecute Adversaries

Mr. Trump intends to utilize presidential powers to seek vengeance on his perceived adversaries, including directing investigations into Mr. Biden and his family, indicting political challengers, and targeting journalists for prosecution.

Enhancement of Presidential Power

Trump’s team aims to increase presidential authority over federal government parts that currently operate independently, including bringing independent agencies under presidential control, reviving the “impounding” funds practice, and stripping employment protections from tens of thousands of civil servants.

Disrupting Economic Policies

Mr. Trump plans to transform the economy by imposing new tariffs on most imported goods, implementing steep trade restrictions on China, slashing business restrictions, and extending and expanding tax cuts.

Retraction from Military Engagement with Europe

Trump has expressed his intention to fundamentally re-evaluate NATO’s purpose, posing a potential threat to the alliance, and settling the Russia-Ukraine war.

Deployment of Military Force in Mexico and US

Mr. Trump has unveiled plans for utilizing U.S. military force closer to home, including declaring war on Mexican drug cartels, deploying federal troops at the border, and sending federal troops into Democratic-controlled cities.

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